Sunday, December 13, 2009

Petfinder Pet for Christmas

“My grandpa is getting me a puppy for Christmas.” Jerry proclaimed loudly. Jerry is nine, cruel to animals and can hardly take care of himself. The thought of him with a puppy scares me because I know this kid, and when he is angry he will hurt that animal.

Getting or giving someone a puppy for Christmas might seem like a good idea, but the truth is many of these pets end up in shelters because people had no idea how time consuming the pet would be, or worst yet, someone like Jerry gets one.

Besides who wants a puppy anyway? I’m a cat lover. And all of our cats were rescued off the streets of Kansas City. We had five and at times they are a pain, and others cute love balls.

We started with three brothers from the same litter. We had to catch them, and then get them fixed. Two of the brothers died, after ten plus years, and the last is still with us after fifteen years.

Our other two younger ones, around seven or eight, both forced their way into our homes. One moved into my garden after a November snow storm. We felt sorry for her and tried to coax her into our warm home. It took a week, but one day she walked into the house and let us pet and feed her. When we tried to put her back out she hissed at us. So she has been a permanent part of the family since. A few weeks later word was out that we took in strays, and a big black cat moved in. He had several homes and he moved around to each. The other family left the neighborhood so we became his permanent residence.
I could go on about our pets and some great stories. But I digress from my focus here- getting a pet for Christmas. If you're tempted to get a pet for the holidays, Petfinder is encouraging people to foster animals over the holidays.
Petfinder is a great resource for care and love of your animals.
Don’t for get to spay and neuter, and really consider the time and energy that having to care for a cat or puppy will take. It’s rewarding and fun to have a pet when you have that time and energy. But it’s bad for the animals when you don’t.

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