Monday, December 14, 2009

dr. siegal s cookie diet

Cookie diet? It caught me eye. I am not big on fad diets or the latest exercise scam, however I have had a constant diet plan. The result is I have been the same paint size for the last 18 years. The great thing is I do eat what I love. (Chocolate once a day almost). The real trick to a diet is moderation.
Moderation in my diet means I can have a Hersey’s kiss or a small bit size chunk of chocolate, or a cookie. Eating it is a ritual for me. I put it in my mouth and let it melt as I spread it over my tongue. My kid can eat a big candy bar faster than it takes me to savor every bit of my treat. The other day I asked her if she tasted it when she wolfed hers down. She couldn’t remember.
So I like good things, and can eat cookies and other great sweats, so, as I said the cookie diet caught my eye. However I was very disappointed. Here is what I found:
“Eat cookies whenever you want--and still lose weight! But don't picture sugar cookies with sprinkles and gingerbread men, these are not your regular cookies. Dr. Siegal has created the "Cookie Diet"--which is a weight-loss system that helps control hunger with cookies and shakes.”
More prepackaged junk with a high sticker price- no thanks Dr. Siegal. The only way to maintain weight is to reduce calories and increase activity. Do not be afraid to feel hungry. If you eat healthy and add a few treats in the mix, and drink lots of water you’ll loose weight and maintain your figure, like me. Cookie diet, I am fine without it.

Now give me a kiss.

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