Wednesday, December 16, 2009

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

There are a lot of mixed reactions out there about “National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.”

Some love it and go after it with a sense of humor.

Others think it stupid and go after it with a sense of humor.

Me. I love chocolate every day. Just a little to melt in my mouth and taste. I’ve mentioned this just a few days ago. But here we are now and I didn’t know that this day was coming. What a great surprise!

Personally I like to keep my chocolate in the freezer. It gives me a nice crunch when I eat it. I use to be able to keep chocolate in my freezer for months at a time and eat it slowly. That is until I go married. Our first Christmas together my wife bought me a candy cane filled with M&Ms. I was at the end of my need for chocolate for the holidays faze, so I put it in the freezer. In March I was craving and went to look for it. I emptied out the freezer and could not find my chocolate. So I went to my wife. She said it was gone the first period she had after Christmas.

Now I hide my chocolate in many places around the house. My wife and kids are always trying to look for it. They think it is a game. I just want my daily chocolate fix in peace. I do share so it is not as if I’m a scrooge hiding my treats away for just me. I just get ticked when I go for my treat and what should have been a month supply is gone.

Back to National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. If you try any crazy chocolate covered something, let me know.

My favorite always will be chocolate covered strawberries, followed be chocolate covered bacon, and of course chocolate covered Ritz crackers and pretzels.

Enjoy National Chocolate Covered Anything Day today and tomorrow, and maybe a little the day after that.

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